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Protein Essay

  • Submitted by: Kellen7
  • on November 25, 2012
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It’s been proven that in recent years, post exercise nutrition has evolved as an important part of training regimens for athletes and athletic programs.   Athletes of all ages, and all different kinds of sports are using/taking some form of post exercise nutrition to improve performance and enhance the bodies recovery processes following exercise.   Athlete’s energy is low due to their heavy lifting regimens, because they constantly depleting their energy substrates and stressing skeletal muscle tissues simultaneously.   Protein and carbohydrates are what can help rebuild muscle and is the best thing to put into your body after a workout. (Hulmi, 2009)   The normal routine for people who workout is they workout and drink a protein shake or eat a protein bar whenever they feel hungry or feel the need to.   They know protein is the best thing to put into their body after they workout they just don’t know when the perfect time is.   This is very common.   Or a person works out and eats whatever is available in his or her house or dorm without really thinking what they eat or drink could make or break all of the hard work they just did.   If you want to build lean muscle mass, you need to eat at least 1gram of protein per pound of lean muscle mass on your body everyday. (Wells, 2009)   It’s extremely important to understand what you put into your body at all times, especially after a workout.   It is very over looked and not taken serious these days.   Most athletes know the importance of eating before you exercise.   However, what type and when you take your protein can be just as important; the protein intake is critical to recovery and improves your ability to train and see better results.  
There are so many different types of protein you can take.   There are bars; ready to go shakes, and protein powder you can blend with either milk or water.   What kind of protein gives you the best results?   That’s a great question and one that has been asked for a very long time.   If...

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