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Psychodynamic Approach Essay

  • Submitted by: lazyhousewife
  • on November 24, 2012
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Freud's psychodynamic approach identify's three levels of mind: the conscious, preconscious and unconscious. Freud rejected 'free will', believing that our personality is formed by three components: Id, Ego and Super-ego. The pleasure principle functions the Id and contains our innate sexually aggressive drives and instincts (libido). The reality principle functions the Ego meeting id's impulses but accepting social demands. The super-ego is our moral guide, operated by the ideal principle. The id and super-ego will often clash causing anxiety. Ego suppresses the conflict to the subconscious as a defence mechanism. Finding balance between the trio determined a healthy conscious and personality. Freud theorised that during the first five years of childhood, the five psychosexual stages of personality develop, where the libido must be gratified via erogenous zones. First the Oral stage, then the Anal stage, where social demands conflicts with the desire to defecate at will. The Ego forms, delaying gratification. Genital curiosity occurs in the Phallic stage, structured in two parts: the Oedipus complex; a boys paternal rivalry for his mothers affection and castration fear, and the Electra complex; a girls maternal rivalry for her fathers affections and penis envy. Ego suppresses id's satisfaction forcing same-sex parent identification. Sexual drives lay dormant during the Latency stage, developing the Super-ego. The final genital stage focuses on the adolescent sexual energy diverting from self-pleasure, towards forming heterosexual relationship. Each stage is controlled by id's impulses, which must be resolved by ego before advancing to the next. Overindulgence or frustration in any of the stages, forces fixation and regression to that particular stage creating childlike characteristics in the adult personality. The approach has its limitations.The assumptions of fixations are irrefutable and Freud often showed researcher bias in his case studies particularly...

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