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Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: gbyguadron
  • on November 24, 2012
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AP Psych/Kauffman
Unit 2:   Learning Study Guide

    • Learning
    • Associative learning
    • Classical conditioning
        o Behaviorism
        o Pavlov and his classic experiment
              ▪ UCS
              ▪ UCR
              ▪ CS
              ▪ CR
              ▪ Acquisition
              ▪ Extinction
              ▪ Spontaneous recovery
              ▪ Generalization
              ▪ Discrimintation
        o John B. Watson and Little Albert
        o Cognitive Processes related to classical conditioning
              ▪ Predictability
        o Biological Processes related to classical conditioning
    • Operant conditioning
        o Respondent behavior
        o Operant behavior
        o B.F. Skinner
              ▪ Law of effect
              ▪ Operant chamber
              ▪ Spacing
        o Reinforcement
              ▪ Primary reinforcers
              ▪ Secondary reinforcers
              ▪ Positive reinforcement
              ▪ Negative reinforcement
              ▪ Positive punishment
              ▪ Negative punishment
                    • Disadvantages of punishment
              ▪ Continuous reinforcement
              ▪ Partial reinforcemen
              ▪ Fixed ratio schedule
              ▪ Variable ratio schedule
              ▪ Fixed interval schedule
              ▪ Variable interval schedule
      o Latent learning
            ▪ Cognitive map
      o Overjustification effect
            ▪ Instrinsic motivation
            ▪ Extrinsic motivation
      o Biological predispositions
    • Observational learning
        o Modeling
        o Mirror neurons
        o Bandura + Bobo Doll experiment
        o Positive observation learning
              ▪ Prosocial behavior
        o Television and media
Unit 2:   Learning Practice Test

|1.         |Shaping is a(n) ________ technique for ________ a behavior....

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