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Ptsd Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Post-traumatic stress disorder, which also most commonly known as PTSD, is a condition where your unhealthy mental status due to traumatic incident.   Because of the traumatic incident you are constantly reminded in fear, anxiety, and many different emotions. Discussions will involve what is PTSD and potential causes for an individual dealing with the PTSD. Even though you may have a slight understanding because of the definition, understanding the symptoms is very important, because this will allow people to identify or be able to determine if they are a potential patient that needs to be treated for PTSD. Statistics will be a beneficial factor on how common it is seen throughout the world and who does it mostly affect. There are candidates that are most prone to on who is mostly involved with condition. And finally we would see how physicians treat their patient’s that have PTSD and what patients can do to help themselves to have a stable and controllable life.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Many people have found that when a traumatic event happens to them; not only could they be physically damaged, but they can be mentally stressed. Post-traumatic stress disorder or better known in the abbreviation form as PTSD is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “a psychological reaction occurring after experiencing a highly stressing event (as wartime combat, physical violence, or a natural disaster) that is usually characterized by depression, anxiety, flashbacks, recurrent nightmares, and avoidance of reminders of the event.”
We live a society where traumatic experiences happen everyday to people all around the world and these experiences do more harm than most people think. Medicine net stated that PTSD is caused by virtually any trauma, defined as an event that is life-threatening or that severely compromises the physical or emotional well-being of an individual or causes intense fear. Such events often include either experiencing or...

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