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Public Health: Explore the 1854 Cholera Outbreak in London, Uk. Essay

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Below is an essay on "Public Health: Explore the 1854 Cholera Outbreak in London, Uk." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Cholera is one of the greatest pandemics faced by human race. The severity of the disease, morbidity, and mortality caused by cholera is comparable to AIDS/HIV in modern times (Newsom, 2006). At the time of the pandemic, in Victorian England, the plausible cause to this pandemic was rather difficult to find. The paper will indulge in describing the influence of scientific and non-scientific theories on the pandemic of cholera in mid-nineteenth century and the obstacles faced by the scientist who had discovered the solution to the problem. The non-scientific theories revolved around the concept of moral degeneracy and moral environmentalism (Gilbert, 2000). While the some-what scientific theories stated that it is an airborne or ‘miasma’, or was spread by contact of a contagious person (Newsom, 2006). John Snow, the predominant and unorthodox scientist who postulated the idea of cholera being a waterborne disease, faced many difficulties getting his hypothesis across (Ball, 2009). The challenges that were faced by Snow included; political, social and scientific. The members of the Board of health had invested heavily on proving the idea of air quality being the greatest impact on the morbidity, and the area where the presence of cholera was expected to have the best water quality due to class of people that had lived there (Paneth, Vinten-Johansen, Brody, & Rip, 1998). Nevertheless, Snow had to face many obstacles, but his firm believe and scientific knowledge changed the view of many scientific scholar and political leaders at the time.

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