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Public Transport Essay

  • Submitted by: r4nqerb0y
  • on November 18, 2013
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Report - Public transport can help stop your Carbon foot print
My topic of choice is public transports and how they help reduce people’s carbon footprint, I have chosen this as I have a keen interest in this topic. I am currently trying to produce an effective power point presentation, also I am currently trying to produce a publisher document which I am planning on handing out to people I will be presenting to .I am planning on doing my interview on the 19th September, therefore I will have all the results I need to get my presentation going also I plan to do the questionnaire as this can help with the statistics also this will help my project be more reliable. I have chosen the topic public transport as I think it will be something different from the rest of the class,   also I have a keen interest in this topic as I am learning new things about transport also I will have the opportunity to introduce to people new ways of travel which they might have thought may not save them money but now they will realise that   they are able to save some money I n the   long term, also they will benefit from it as they will feel a lot better about themselves as they have a lot less carbon emissions being given off   and that mean they are more eco-friendly
I started to research about the ways that the government is trying to cut down on fuel and the fact that the government is advertising cycling and public transport as a way of travel this research lead me on discovering new models of public transports with a better fuel efficient engine like the hybrid busses with have an electric motor also they are introducing new trains which run more per feet with less fuel, This sort of technology may be introduced in to the uk in the near future so I will try to do a publisher documentation on possible environmentally friendly transports which may come in to the uk in the near future.
My plan is to produce a power point presentation to show my audience about my...

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