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Purpose Of Ar Essay

  • Submitted by: csewell0301
  • on November 11, 2010
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tChelsea Calkins
September 3, 2010
Art Paper 1
Purpose of Art
I have never been the type of person to understand art. I never went to a museum, or was interested in paintings until this class. The first assignment that we had I looked at a pyramid and was just stunned. How beautiful they actually were. Then I finally started to wonder what the purpose of art really was. Why does art affect me, and where did art come from?
The first question I asked myself was, "What is art?” Art is different to every person in the world. Just because I see something as art doesn’t mean the person next to me will. Everyone has different opinions and like different forms of art. Many could like statues or painting or models. You could like different eras or you could like certain art based on its culture. Art is an expression for most people. May it be a happy or sad one? Art makes people feel something and I think that is why most people enjoy it. They can try to feel what is in the picture.
The worst needs art. Art is beauty, color, and light. The same things that the world needs. Art inspires people, and allows them to share their appreciation of the subject. This could be a landscape of a place they've been, or a painting of animals that they adore. Art allows us to see through the eyes of the artist it can be educational; a recording of history or it can simply capture the feeling of a moment in time. Art enhances our experience, especially if it expresses emotion or ideas.
Art is a difficult topic because there is no definite wrong or right answer. Art can be placed into three categories: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Literary Arts. Visual Art is most simply defined as the artwork you can see. Traditionally, it includes drawings, paintings, and sculptures. The Performing Arts might be most easily explained as the arts that have an audience. All forms of music, movies and even home videos. The third type of art is Literary Art. Literary Art includes the written...

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