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Quality Management in Your Organization

1.  Discuss Quality Management Practices within your organization (provide at least four examples).

These are the most important quality management practices that we use in our organization. First, Triple Constraints- we analyze quality based on scope, time, and cost impact to the project. When 
managing competing requirements, evaluating how a change in one constraint affects one or both of the remaining two constraints. This evaluation helps our project team to understand the costs and benefits of applying a level of quality. Second, Review - A regular review of quality standards, metrics, and measures is good project management 
practice. The review process happens daily when we have a more complex project but usually happens at least weekly for even the simplest projects. Third, Be Proactive – we focus on detecting and addressing quality early in the project life, before it becomes 
an issue. Fourth, Continuous Improvement– we constantly look for ways to increase project quality.

2.  What metrics does your company use to measure progress?

It helps us a lot when we categorize the project metrics. When it comes to measuring the project progress we usually try to answer certain questions regarding time, cost, scope, risk, and quality. If we ask questions first, then we are able to select the metrics that we need. These are questions such as will we meet the budget and schedule? Are the customers satisfied? We usually use measurable metrics. It can be quantified or represented numerically. Measurable metrics have the advantage over qualitative metrics. Small changes in the output are more easily detected numerically. Instead of answering yes or no to questions, we record the numbers so we can see whether it has been increasing or decreasing. These are the metrics that we use to measure progress.
-Number of community meetings held
-Length of time to respond to complaints
-Number of commitments made...

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