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Quote Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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It was once said by Graham Greene, “…it is impossible to go through life without trust…” I agree with this statement because it is hard to live without having anyone to trust. Everyone have to have at least one person they trust, so that they know that everything is good while they are around that person. Also a person needs to trust in order to survive in society. Trust can create friendship, relationships, etc. Trust is essential to the healthy functioning of society and especially to the individuals who make it up. Where trust is present, people have the capacity to grow in strength and love. Two work of literature that reflects on this statement are The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Othello; The Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare.  
In the play, Shakespeare’s Othello is characterized as an honorable, trusting man but he is too trusting. Othello thinks that all man was good and honest so that they really deserved his trust. This enclosure about trust developed Shakespeare’s use of dramatic irony, shows itself to be Othello’s tragic. Because of his trust in Lago, who felt afraid when Othello failed to appoint him to a powerful position as Othello.   Othello did not see Lago’s plan to turn Othello jealousy into his downfall. Lago turned him against his best friends and uses his own wife to abusing Othello’s trust. Because of Othello’s misplaced trust, he destroys his loving wife, Desdemona, and as well as his own life.
Trust can allow people to hide something they are ashamed of and not be concern of others discovering the truth. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne and the town’s minister committees the sin of adultery and kept it a secret between the two of them. If anyone in the community was to find discovered this secret, they would both be punished. Hester was found out by the community but kept her accomplice a secret. The minister trusted Hester with this secret, as she trusted him. Without this trust they both would have more fear and...

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