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Race Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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In the novel, Fifty Great Essays, the essay, “How it feels to be colored me” by Hurston, the author explains how she is comfortable with her race and ethnicity. Zora grew up in an all-black town in Eatonville, Florida and the only time she had seen white people was when they drove through town and none ever lived there. Although, she did not see many white people during her childhood, she thought as though that there was no difference between the two. Zora began to realize the difference between black and white people in her early teenage years due to being sent to a school outside of Eatonville. She goes on in the essay to explain the differences she sees between the races but how at some times she still feels as though her childhood thoughts of not being different are still in effect. The way the essay is portraying Zora is the way most people act, her race defines herself, and she is completely comfortable with being a colored woman.
Most of the time, people of any race, know they are what they are, and are okay with it. In this essay Hurston explains how she is colored and goes on to explain how being colored is what makes her an individual and how when she was little everyone was the same; but as she grew up she started to realize maybe everyone is not the same. Now-a-days, people are pretty understanding that you are what you are, whether your black, brown, white, yellow, etc. and expect it for what it is, but it wasn’t always that way. Back when slavery was still popular I don’t think colored people would agree with not seeing a difference between races.
Hurston sees herself with advantages to being colored.

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