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Race Identification Essay

  • Submitted by: duckryan123
  • on November 14, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Dominic Amador

Professor Snow

English 101- 1:00

1 November- 2010

Ethnicity Identification
When filling out official documents like census forms and school applications, people are required to answer all sorts of questions. One of which is the requirement to specify a person’s ethnicity and where a person is from. The purpose of indicating your ethnicity to some is very doubtful. One might ask, does this really matter or does it pertain to this particular survey? There is much speculation and confusion that goes with this one question when asked. Whoever the surveyor may be, and whatever the survey is about, they have every right to ask this particular question to fully identify which ethnicities take part and discover which race is more likely of doing something.
To illustrate the opposing views of racial identification, one must fully be aware of where they come from and how they depict themselves. Many opponents agree that categorizing themselves as an “other” on official documents and censuses is unnecessary and makes a person feel they are not a person. No one will fully be 100% of a particular ethnicity, therefore making it impossible to distinguish someone under the most commonly referred ethnic groups of being White, African American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and Asian on censuses and applications. Using race as a way to determine the different ethnicities of people and organize them is unnecessary. John Whitehead comments on the topic “Take for example people such as Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, or maybe even Tiger Woods’ kids how would they determine their race” (Whitehead).   Melissa Algranati believes “she has basically lived a chameleon-like existence for most of her life” (Algranatti 700). Melissa grew up seeing the assimilation her parents went through and questioned why they did this when America was supposed to be the land of the free.
In the same manner of John Whitehead, people do not live their lives the way they want when they...

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