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Race In Workplace Essay

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Most of my time is at work, which is a local restaurant in a busy up growing community. Every day I see many people of different race and ethic background, In fact most of the staff is Mexican and   the other are a mixture of races . Being open to this atmosphere has been a huge eye opener.   Not being the dominant race has been a struggle dealing communication, leadership and other culture backgrounds. For this paper, I will give my honest and candid perspective on my own experiences in my community regarding race.
I am a white male, 24 years of age.   I have a child who is two,   I am a managing at a local restaurant who is trying to obtain my AA in business. The majority of the members of my community do not look like me. Fifty percent of the members are Mexican American.   More than half of this group immigrated from Mexico to escape poverty and have a better life for there family. Some understand a little English, but most of the time I need someone to translate for me.   The other half of the working community make up people that are white, African American, Cuban American, Arab, and pryia nationality.   The connection that these different ethic groups have in the work place is that we all have adapt to American culture. We all wear the same style of clothing and eat the same foods.   Mexican Americans in the work place have the same skin complexion, eye color, hair color, and listen to Mexican music rather than music that is sung in English. They also have a distinct accent that is sometimes hard to understand. For the Mexicans Americans that know and understand English still have a hard time finding the right way to explain something.   The others members of the community all have different skin tones, accents that are easier to understand compare to the Mexicans, and listen to English sung music. Catholic, Christianity, and   pryia religion   are the religious groups that also make this difference.   The other big difference between the members in my work place...

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