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Racism Essay

  • Submitted by: peterkin345456
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Racism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“Out of Many, One People,” is the Jamaican motto which symbolizes the country's multi-racial population resulting from the number of cultures that came together to form the nation. However, as harmonious as these words are, the country has and still continues to live under the stern brows of color discrimination, with our own Jamaicans at the helm of racial slurs. Racial discrimination has been around all my life and is still posing a problem in today’s society. One might ask, when did this all start and what is the big deal seeing we are all human beings?. But even in Jamaica, where the population is mostly black-skinned people, the term racial discrimination is still evident. As one of the countries that lived the horrors of slavery, it is sad to know that we are still enslaved by the callous psyche of racism...and in our own back yard. Jamaica, which is primarily made up of descendants of the colonists and immigrants from the Middle East and descendants of Africa, has one of the most dynamic cultures. It is this ethnic DNA that draws the world to our front steps and has created a sea of people with varying skin tones.   The effects of racial discrimination are many and come in many different forms.
Jamaicans that are lighter in complexion are seen as the superiors and as such are favored; be it in a job interview or for a promotion, the lighter the skin tone the greater the benefits. Ironically, the preference is not always imparted by light skinned counterparts but also by those with darker tones. In the past, parents had certain levels of expectations when their children brought home that 'special someone' who was dark in complexion. The parents who associated light skin with beauty, power, money, success and influence, saw black-skinned people as the opposite; hence, they did not see them as fit partners for their children. My grandparents are not racist but I know they would be shocked if I brought home a very black-skinned partner not because they do not...

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