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Rebellion Essay

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  • on November 19, 2013
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Before the unification of the American Colonies to form the United States of America, the colonies were divided internally. They experienced a series of revolts and rebellions due to differences in social, political, and economic structure. Many of these events resulted in massacres and deaths. Each colony had their own struggles over land and slavery rights which were, along with other issues, the cause of many uprisings. The colony of Virginia experienced Bacon’s Rebellion, while South Carolina had the Stono Rebellion.
In Virginia, Bacon’s Rebellion was an uprising that took place in 1676-1677. This revolt occurred due to the constant class struggles between the upper and lower class. Brent Tarter, a writer for Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, reported in the article Bacon’s Rebellion, the Grievances of the People, and the Political Culture of Seventeenth-Century Virginia, that those who resided in Jamestown were referred to as the upper class because they lived secured lives, while those in the frontier lived in poverty, with poor soil for farming. Those who lived in the frontier were also constant victims of Native American raids and attacks, yet the upper class from Tidewater just turned their heads, negating the attacks that were occurring (Tarter, 21). This not only shows the struggle between the upper and lower class, but also capitalizes on the differences in social class in colonial Virginia. The lower class needed protection against the Native Americans, but no one was there to aid them. Another cause for the rebellion was the political issues seen with the poor leadership of Governor Berkeley, who was perceived as a corrupt leader and was not fair toward the lower classes. A passage in American Passages: A History of the United States, “War in the Chesapeake”, states that “Governor Berkeley nominated Nathanial Bacon to the Virginia council. Nevertheless, Bacon evidently saw the opportunity to challenge Berkeley for leadership of the colony...

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