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Recycling Essay

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The earth is in trouble. Forests are disappearing, pollution is on the rise, and we are
dumping trash on our land and in our oceans. Yet there is one thing we can do each day to help
the earth. We can recycle, reuse, and reduce to make less trash.
Recycling is the easiest of the three to do. Most cities have recycling centers. Many even
have curbside pickup, which means they will pick it up with the trash, making it super easy. You
can recycle newspaper, tin cans, glass bottles, and aluminum cans almost everywhere. Many
places let you recycle other things, like plastic bottles, cardboard, and junk mail. An Environment
Q&A Book: When Is It Great to Turn Green? says that “if everyone in the U.S. recycled their junk
mail, it would equal 100 million trees each year!” The good news is that 527,000 aluminum cans
are recycled each minute in the United States. Some people even recycle food waste by making
a compost bin for their garden.
Reusing things is another way to help save the earth. Buying recycled products is one
way to reuse things. Some sleeping bags, tents, and jackets are made out of melted plastic
bottles. Newspapers become cereal boxes and egg cartons. What is really cool is when big
companies reuse because they can make a big difference fast. When Is It Great to Turn Green?
states that 1.5 million tons of construction products, like roofi ng paper, are made out of recycled
paper every year. But the coolest idea of all comes from kids. A Ranger Rick article tells about
kids in Africa and Central America and other places that make toys out of trash! A kid in Africa
made a guitar out of a cooking oil can and scraps of wood. Kids in Kenya made dolls out of
cloth scraps and banana plant fi bers. The coolest toy was a soccer ball made out of dozens and
dozens of plastic bags that were tied together with twine by boys in Angola.
The fi nal way we can help save the earth is by reducing the amount of stuff that we use.
We Americans are much more...

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