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Reducing The Class Size Essay

  • Submitted by: wael25
  • on November 18, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Reducing The Class Size" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In these days ,there are many factors that have influences on education level . One of those factors is   increasing of humans   population accompanied   by terrible status quo of many countries in the world , especially after the last financial crisis .Moreover , These factors   affect   negatively   on the schools budget   and   cause lack of teaching quality , thus produce students with low education background .Too , education environment has mainly effect on the learning process , which classes capacity one of it   .In contrast , studying in big classes capacity will affect negatively on learning process , unlike   reducing a classes size will improve the education   environment situation in many ways .
                    One of the problems having faced by schools , is having a lot of students compact in a single class room that will decelerate the learning process in three ways . First , placing students in over limit rates will make the students distracted for many reasons . For instance , it will be a lot of seats in class stacked each other that will make a lot of noise which leads to distracting the students , and sitting in small class room with tiny capacity compared with students number make the class room uncomfortable for studying . Second , instructors will lose ability   to determine the weaker students in their class room . Too many students in single class room make the instructor's work harder to discover the students having learning problems , so the instructor can work more with them . For example , students who sit in back rows could be completely ignored by instructor because his attention is on front rows more likely . Third , decrease productive from both sides students and instructors . This is appears clearly in having a few assignments for students and less paper works for instructor which will affect negatively on students understanding to the lessons   , or having appropriate amount of assignments for students , but a lot paper works for...

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