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Reflection Essay

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An example of management’s integrity is a manager who performs regular appraisals and allocates enough time to review employee performances in order to prepare an objective and realistic evaluation. The manager has to be honest with employees about their strengths and weaknesses, and offers guidance in development and training based on employee’s performances goals. A manager with integrity is consistent and has a clear set of principles that they follow. These principles act as a guide to making decisions.

Integrity is an important piece of the puzzle of leadership. Without this piece of the puzzle, a leader may find that no one under her leadership is willing to follow her. Management must be trustworthy, consistent and follow through on promises and convictions.

A manager may be tempted to engage in workplace relationships that are inappropriate or that is considered improper. There is a tendency to hold management to a higher standard when it comes to workplace harassment. In this case integrity in a manager means she refrains from poor behavior that is inconsistent with workplace policies that cause others to question her values. A romantic relationship with a subordinate that can put her in a compromising position or an extramarital affair that arises out of a workplace relationship is an example of lack of integrity.

Managers must always remember to act with integrity at all times because team members are always observing the lead figure. Leadership styles may be different, yet effective, because the leader’s core values are firm. Effective core values are working behind the scenes and can be compared to the foundation of a building. Like a house, leadership ability is only as good as the foundation it is built upon.

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