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Reform Movements Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Environmental Reform
• Under Roosevelt’s Presidency
• Extend federal control over the nation’s physical environment
• Believed to preserve its ancient forest, mountains, etc. so Americans can learn something important about their roots.
• To preserve the west Roosevelt established:
o National Park Service - 1916        
o 5 new national parks
o 16 national monuments
o 53 wildlife reserves
• Public Lands commission - 1903 : Surveyed public lands, inventory them, and established permit systems.
• Gifford Pinchett:
o Scientific management of natural resources.
New Deal
• Relief, Recovery, Reform.
• Saving the banks - he closed all the banks - “Bank Holiday”
o Emergency Banking Act (EBA) : made federal loans available to private bankers.
o Economy Act (EA): Committed the government to balancing the budget.
o Second Glass - Steagall Act: Seperated commercial banking from investment banking.
o Federal deposit insurance corporation( FDIC) : Insured the government would protect up to 5,000 dollars of their savings.
• The securities/ securities exchange act - regulation on new york stock exchange.
• Federal emergency relief administration (FERA) 500 million for relief for the poor.
• Civil works administration (cwa) work relief program hired 4 million unemployed people
• Labor Reform
• Government began to side with workers
• Labor unions gained gained credibility and power
• National Labor Relations Act(NLRA)- Established the Nastional Labor Relations Board which would supervise union elections and look into accusations of unfair labor practices.
• Labor movement was reinvigorated

• Progressive Presidents- Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson
• Reform for improving the quality of life for americans
• Progressives wanted to “cleanse and reinvigorate an America whose politics and society were in decline”

• Political movement of mostly middle working class...

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