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Refutation Essay

  • Submitted by: EORTIZ40
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Edgar Ortez
Professor Mageean
English 1A
7 Nov. 2012

“Refutation Essay”
          Living amongst gays and lesbians in our society has become a norm. Many of us have learned to accept them for who they are and have come a long way in doing so, yet one of the most controversial social problems of our time is gay and lesbian adoption. Many advocates ask the question should gays and lesbian people be allowed to adopt. That question has many people in our society shaken by the realization of gays and lesbians becoming parents. People have many questions and concerns of the children's outcome and home environment, whether they'd be raised right with good emotional foundations. After all, as they'd grow up they would notice that their own family is different from others. This is why advocates like the Catholic Church and I are against gay and lesbian adoption and feel it will cause a negative psychological affect like confusion about gender and sexual identity confusion on children and categorize this as a form of child abuse and for that reason see it as a urgent problem that needs to be fixed and believe that although homosexuals are good people, would not make ideal parents. This issue emerged during the 70’s in the state of Florida, in a law that prevented gays and lesbians from adopting and during that time was the only law of its kind in the nation according to court records and had many advocates that support gay rights fighting to overturn that law.

    Of course not everybody agrees with me on my position and argue that gays and lesbians would make great parents. Advocates who are pro- gay activists argue that homosexuals make great parents.   Jeffrey G. Gibson a transaction and trial lawyer who chaired the American Bar Association Committee (ABA) on the Rights of Lesbians and Gay men for six years, argues:

social science research has confirmed that a person’s sexual orientation has no bearing on his or her capacity to be a good parent. In fact...

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