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Religion Essay

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Religious Experience
(Advanced Higher)

September 2000

Religious Experience

(Advanced Higher)

Support Materials

1. Introduction and tutor’s guide

2. Student introduction and outcomes

3. The nature of religious experience
      3.1 Main features of religious experience
      3.2 William James
      3.3 Rudolph Otto
      3.4 Religious experience today
      3.5 Alister Hardy Research Centre (AHRC)
      3.6 Richard Swinburne
      3.7 Questions and activities

4. Faith perspectives on religious experience
      4.1 Mystical experiences
      4.2 St Theresa of Avila
      4.3 Jacob Boehme
      4.4 Simone Weil
      4.5 Mysticism from a faith perspective
      4.6 Personal conversion experiences
      4.7 St Paul
      4.8 St Ignatius Loyola
      4.9 C S Lewis
      4.10 Personal conversion from a faith perspective
      4.11 Questions and activities

5. Secular perspectives on religious experience
5.1 Psychological perspectives
      5.2 Sigmund Freud
5.3 Carl Gustav Jung
      5.4 Sociological perspectives
5.5 Emile Durkheim
5.6 Bryan Wilson
5.7 Questions and activities

6. Contemporary case studies
      6.1 Medjurgorje
      6.2 Toronto blessing

7. Bibliography

8. Useful web sites


This document must be read in conjunction with the National Unit Specification for Religious Experience (Advanced Higher) and all associated literature.

The Unit requires a broad study of religious experience.   This will involve a knowledge and understanding of specific types of religious experiences, together with the ability to analyse and evaluate them from a variety of perspectives.   These perspectives will include the religious perspective of those who have such experiences, together with their religious traditions, as well as some secular perspectives.

These materials can provide no more than an introduction to...

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