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Remebering Death Essay

  • Submitted by: Keertya
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Remebering Death" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I reached peace a few months after my passing. I was one of the unfortunate ghosts who were unable to recall life before death. This is usually because death has been so violent. Also if you were a scatterbrain in life you would probably be a scatterbrain in death. Unfortunately for me, the only thing I remembered about my life was my death.
I remember being in a house. The oak furniture was old, grand and sinister. I could hear my panting breaths in the darkness. Shadows danced on the walls and the moon illuminated my slim silhouette. I ducked underneath an elegant chaise longue and prayed silently to the God I now know is non-existent. Even to me, my ragged breathing sounded too loud in the unnaturally quiet room. I stayed lying on my belly for several minutes. After a while my breathing began to slow down. I felt my body relax and I started to press my back against the wall. I lay there for a few seconds before reality crashed in and I realised that the wall was soft and was attempting to wrap arms around me. As I started to jerk forward, arms tightened around my waist and yanked me back. Cold, pitiless laughter sounded close enough to my ear that I felt a breeze blow softly against my right cheek. I remember struggling and I remember the feeling of desolation and isolation as I realised that no matter how hard I struggled, my last moments on Earth were not going to be spent cradled by loved ones, but in the arms of a merciless, sadistic monster.

Whatever you do, do not believe the stories that tell you that ghosts are troubled souls seeking justice for their death. My murderer was discovered to be the next-door neighbour’s son. I personally watched him as he was imprisoned for life in front of a weeping jury. No. I am still here because I’ve forgotten what it is to love. When you die, your feelings die with you. I came back as a cold and cruel shell of my former self. Since being dead I have committed some terrible acts. But I am still searching for the...

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