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Renaissance Dbq Essay

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  • on November 15, 2010
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The Renaissance characterizes a time in European history when people began to have radical ideas about the value of the individual, and consequently its education.   People turned to the great thinkers of antiquity and Europe experienced a re-birth of Greek and Roman thought mixed with Christian ideals.   At the beginning of the Renaissance (around the late 15th and early 16th centuries) the benefits of education were seen from religious, female, political, and intellectual & social perspectives, but as humanism’s novelty wore off   generally the value of universal education became secondary to the importance of being educated in everyday tasks.
The beginning of the Renaissance saw the merger of classical philosophers with Christian theologians for a fairly wide range of people, but as many more people began to pursue this type of education by the end of the 16th century, people began to think that it was secondary to the importance of learning practical skills.   In Medieval times, education was feared; it was seen as a hindrance to virtue, and only the clergy attained high levels of education.   However t the Renaissance spread the idea that education was unique to man and should thus be pursued as, as document two states (2).   Although document two is not specifically religious, it lays the groundwork for the justification of religious education.   Document five completely opposes the idea that women who are educated become un-Christian, and in fact asserts that the education of a woman only increases the strength of her Christianity (5).   Thus showing that in 1523 when the document was written, religious education was not exclusive to men, but acceptable for a good, Christian woman as well.   Document 12 comes from the point of view of a school administrator rather than a religious official.   However due to the nature of a Renaissance education, it still contains religious elements, and cites a “fear of God,” (12) and the liberal arts as important to any child’s...

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