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Renaissance Period Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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The renaissance period

While the middle ages declined, they allowed for the renaissance era to overcome the middle ages. The middle ages ,also commonly referred to as the dark ages, where the church suppressed science art and intelligence. How ever during the renaissance philosophy, art and other humanities it started in Italy and annexed through the rest of Europe. The word renaissance by itself mean rebirth. During the renaissance it brought out a fresh new culture, new research and development, new ideas and inspirations , in a forever changing. The change mystified scholars, and led to them taking interest and re-shaping their own morals and ideals based on ancient Greeks or Romans. Ever so slightly they started realizing the importance of education, and they realized the corruption that took place in the church, this cause protesting, and this fascinated townspeople. During this time an idea was focus on achievements of individuals rather then the lineage, it was a gateway to success regardless of economic status. The renaissance was an age of immense progress in art, literature, philosophy, science, and even music along with other humanities all of influences our lives even today.  

Many people during this time became much more secular. Much more people were more interested in the world or at least out side of their city’s. so with that the more secular people became the more they started to slowly drift away from the lure the church set out. With this the church went on a slow decline the attendance to masses slowly lowered and money came in less and less,

During this time there still was wars being fought one of the more notable few were the Italian wars. In those wars the French kings were attracted by the wealth in Italy and their city states. So in 1494 they decided to attack the city states in Italy during the duration of 3 decades they fought the French and Spaniards both fought together and got all the way to Rome in 1527. In Rome on...

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