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Renaissance Personalities Essay

  • Submitted by: cassandrae
  • on November 17, 2010
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Born in Genoa, the center of the Renaissance, Christopher Columbus was not a scholarly man. He spent most of his time developing very simple ideas of the world, that were based on speculation rather than fact. Columbus' lack of education and deeming sources such as “The Bible” to be a reliable source of information is a keen suggestion that he was from the Middle Ages. Based on Christian teachings about God's creation, Christopher became obsessed with the idea of reaching Asia by sailing westward. Despite the very “Middle Aged” source of information, Christopher's need for adventure and his studious nature, are characteristics he inherited from the Renaissance period. Growing incredibly religious in his later years, Columbus began crusades to multiple countries (the Caribbean, and Israel). These crusades or “Holy Wars” were his attempt to bring Christianity to the people of these countries. During these crusades Columbus was involved in very unfavorable activity, and ordered some of his opponents in the new world to be hung. This is a clear display of behavior inherited from the Renaissance. People during the Middle Ages lived their lives with a strict moral code. They believed this would allow for a better after life, and the avoidance on Purgatory. Columbus clearly did not abide by a moral code. Although his immoral actions overseas were reflective of the Medieval era, his reasoning behind the hanging of his opponents and threatening amputation was indicative of the Renaissance. The Renaissance was all about money, and riches. If you had money you were capable of exchanging it for knowledge and ideas. Columbus threatened the natives of many lands in order to access gold, and to eventually become a financial success.

Michelangelo epitomizes a “Renaissance Man”. He was a sculptor, painter, architect, writer, poet, and very well educated. Along with all of his talents, Michelangelo was...

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