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Republican National Convention Essay

  • Submitted by: crystafranco1
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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2012 Republican National Convention

Ann Romney, of age 63, was making her national speech at the Republican National

Convention Tuesday night, in a speech to introduce the country to the man she knows better

than anyone else. She plans to announce the crowd that she will be speaking about “LOVE”.

My thought in this campaign is she tried to make people understand the warm, personal side

of her husband, a long time candidate who has sometimes struggled to connect with voters

and who isn't well liked as his opponent, Democrat Barack Obama. She spoke about their

high-school romance, the struggles the couple has overcome. I believe that Ann Romney has

no reason to compare herself to struggling mothers out there or to try to put herself in their

shoes. Ann Romney is a very wealthy woman, married to Mitt Romney who has taken care of

her almost since the day they have met. She was not very convincing coming from a women

with a wealthy background and a husband who was given everything handed to him as a

child. Ann Romney never had to work or pay child care like most American women do! Must

be hard to pretend to understand how difficult life is for families that are struggling in these

really difficult economic times without mentioning your many mansions, your housekeepers,

maids, your multimillionaire friends and lifestyle. Yes I can say that Ann Romney has had

life threatening illnesses in her life but she got the best healthcare any one can buy. People

are still suffering and dying today because they can’t afford a doctor's visit. I don’t get how

the Romney’s understand that.   I don’t understand how she can stand there and say theirs

family’s out there who have the same struggles a theirs, when they never had that economic

fear their entire life. In my opinion, I don’t think it was right to throw this kind of subject into

a presidential campaign.

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