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Research Article 2

  • Submitted by: iandoty
  • on November 25, 2012
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Name Ian Doty…

Research Article Assignment
Due: Refer to the assignment page and calendar
Remember to save as (your last name Research Article Assignment) and as a doc or rtf.
(10 questions; 20 points total)
Peer-reviewed journal articles are articles found in professional journals, such as the American Medical Association or the Journal of Clinical Psychology. These articles are called peer-reviewed because before the article is published, experts from the field review the work, study design, results, and interpretations in the article insuring professional excellence. This process encourages the authors to meet the accepted standards of their discipline and to prevent the dissemination of unwarranted claims, unacceptable interpretations, or personal views. Peer-reviewed journal articles provide scientifically valid information which is often difficult to identify with the plethora of information various media (TV, Internet, magazines) surrounding us.

1. What is the title of your selected article and who is the author(s)? (1 point)
Tobacco training in clinical psychologgy graduate programs, by Kleinfeil, Joann, Price, James; Dake, Joseph; Jordan, timothy; price, Joy

2. Describe the health issue/problem presented in the article. (2 points)
the leading cause of mental health illness deaths are from cigarette smoking. They try to improve there lives. Try to stop smoking and provide information to help

3. What are the health implications of this health issue/problem? (2 points)
There is   death and unhealth issues that can last for ever, but   can be helped and heal just as fast. There is not very much information provided to keep the gradutes knowledgeable about how bad smoking is.

4. Summarize and discuss one main point/finding of the article. (2 points)
There is only 80% of non smoking programs reported having ever thought about offering smoking help to stop and train

5. Summarize and discuss a second main point/finding of the article. (2...

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