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Research Craigslist Essay

  • Submitted by: nsinnett
  • on November 25, 2012
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Craigslist Advertising
Selling and buying items, as large as vehicles and even houses, has long been done via written sales ads.   Personal advertisements for relationships with like minded people have recently become vogue as well.   Until recently, most of this advertising has been done via print media.   In the recent past, however, electronic media has proven to be the preferred method of not only communicating, but also marketing; be it sales marketing or personal or sexual marketing.   One of the most pervasive methods of marketing has been through the CRAIGSLIST online program.   Craigslist offers people an opportunity to buy, sell, trade and market almost any type of goods or services.   This research is focused specifically on the writing and linguistic tactics used within this media and its applicable community to accomplish the desired goals, whatever they may be.
There are many factors that go into writing a strong and persuasive ad, be it for sales or for personal use.   The proper word and sentence structure is critical to driving potential customers or interested parties to contact you about what it is that you are advertising for.   I will be focusing on the sales ads from the Seller’s point of view.   From the Sellers point of view, the concept is to drive interested and qualified, potential buyers to your e-mail or phone as quickly as possible.   Though it is a free service, getting your items sold as quickly as possible is always the best idea.   So, the next major concern is how to word the ad to get people as interested as possible.   Wording and linguistics are of primary concern when writing sales ads.   What should be said, how should it be said and what should be avoided? According to Staciee Leonard in her article about Online Ad Writing, there are as follows:   6 Tips that Compel Customers to BUY NOW.  
1.   Using attention grabbing headlines.  
2.   State the benefits up front.  
3.   Use testimonials whenever possible....

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