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Research Notes Essay

  • Submitted by: johny1234
  • on October 27, 2010
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Research Notes
October 21, 2010

Impact of Technology on Humans
Impact on Social Relationships

McMillan, W. (Oct 2009). Social media: the EA professional's role: the increasing use of social

          media sites is causing headaches for workers and their employers and creating

          opportunities for EA professionals to prevent and resolve conflicts. 

          The Journal of Employee Assistance, 39, 4. p.20(4). Retrieved October 09,

        2010, from General OneFile via Gale:


    - “approximately 65 percent of the worldwide Internet audience visited at least one social networking site”

    - Computer technology has been increasing and advancing a lot and has many affects on the society

    - Social networking draws millions of people into sites such as facebook and twitter

    - Social networks provide a way for people to interact, communicate, have fun, share photos and messages with family and friends, tweeting status updates

    - However, social networking can also have negative effects, it can cause internet addictions

    - Social networking is in excessive use, which can lead to loss of sense of time, it can cause withdrawal of feelings of anger, tension and depression when a computer cannot be accessed, it can cause arguments with friends and family, you might start lying to people,

    - It can also cause poor academics and achievements, as well as social isolation because a person is continuously on a computer hiding behind the social networks

    - People start to replace face to face conversation with the social networks, which can cause relationship problems with friends and family

    - People are confiding more personal things on these social networks which are open to the public, this has begun to impact their marital and romantic relationships with others

    - Parent – children relationships are being...

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