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Research On Methods Of Food Preservatioserva Essay

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In a world devoid of a consistent means of support your survival will be stressed in no harder way than your ability to maintain your food sources, however if you can manage to master the ideas and processes of basic food storage and preservation you may just make it through the cold season.

The whole reason for me joining this class was for a personal project I’ve been working on.   I have started compiling information on how to survive and thrive during and after various apocalypses by maintaining a somewhat familiar and civilized lifestyle.   My hope is that within the next few years I will have enough information gathered to start piecing it all together in a coherent manner that someone else may find useful, but I knew I needed to improve my research abilities and that I would have mounds of sources that would need to be properly cited.   The idea of surviving and thriving in a world of limited resources is a pretty broad topic, so I had to narrow my thesis statement down to what will probably wind up dealing with only one chapter or sub-chapter.   I do realize that my thesis statement does not necessarily meet your guidelines in that it is not an argumentative statement, and I also wrote it a little less as a thesis statement and a little more as an introduction to that portion of the book;   For that I apologize, but my hope is that considering the idea behind my statement is the entire reason for me enrolling that you may show some leniency.   I chose food preservation as my topic because it was one of the topics that I had not done any research on yet and as it is heading into the cold season I wanted to start practicing some of the methods covered so that I would be able to express some sort of personal practical application experience   , in my research.

The primary keyphrase I was using in my research was “food preservation” as it was a simple phrase that was most likely to (and did) return the most results in all of my searches.   I also intermingled it...

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