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Research Paper

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Central Inventory System |
Elaboration Phase Document |

Muhammad Umar Iqbal                                                                                                                             Asmita Benipal                                                                                                                                             Mahak Deep Singh Hundal

  * Project Proposition
Central 101 Restaurant Inventory System
To automate inventory tracking for their business.
  * Problems
  i. Restaurant manager has to manually go to the restaurant at the end of each day to keep track of the inventory.
  ii. Restaurant manager faces difficulty keeping track of the wastage for each ingredient in the stock.
  * Stakeholders
  i.   Client side (Owner of Central 101 Restaurant)
  ii. Project team (Umar, Asmita, Mahak)
  * Proposed Solution
  i. Client server VB.Net, web application using SQL Express as a back end.
  ii. Managing inventory, wastage, automating the re-supply levels and generating sales reports, stock reports.
  * Feature List
  i. Stock updation when ingredients are utilized as per sales as well as when fresh stock comes in.
  ii.         Keeps track of wastage for each ingredient in the stock.
  iii. Alerts the restaurant manager as soon as the stock for an ingredient falls below safety level along with the vendor information.
  iv. Generates sales reports that provide sales information and stock reports that indicate the current stock available.
  * Actor Goal List

Actor | Goal |
Restaurant Manager |     * Record daily sales.   * View ingrediant reorder report.   * Maintain supplier information.   * Maintain product information.   * Maintain ingrediant information.   * Maintain recipe information.   * Add new stock.   * View supplier detail report.   * View product detail report.   * View ingrediant report.   * View recipe report.   * View waste report. |...

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