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Research Paper

  • Submitted by: rocc4life
  • on November 17, 2013
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The Environment
    With the problems we are facing with our environment, most people would accept our priority today is finding a solution for our environmental problems. We are facing an epidemic because of the abuse we are forcing upon our environment. There has been a multiple suggestions for our government to put forth into saving the environment. Some of the suggestions may be solutions, some of them may not. The government must come up with a strong strategy in order to save what’s left of our environment. That strategy must happen fast or we may not have an environment to save. In today’s time environmental problems are too large to be managed by individual people, but has to be managed internationally.
    With global warming there are many different causes to this epidemic. The destruction and burning of our forces, vehicles cluttering up our streets, rapid growth of industries, etc. Other than the world’s overpopulation, there are other factors that are the cause of global warming. The fast setting up of factories has a significant effect on our environment. These factories continue to produce black smoke that gets mixed into our air which is increasing the levels of CO2. Burning different fossil fuels such as methane and fuel are increasing the levels of CO2 within the atmosphere. Killing animals such as birds, lions, and tigers at an alarming rate is a factor in causing global warming. These effects that global warming are causing is very dangerous to our existence and also survival. The sons scorching heat continues to come to earth daily. Therefore, our Earth’s surface continues to become seriously heated. Because of the buildup of CO2, that heat enters the atmosphere but is not able to leave. This is the cause of our Earth’s surface constantly heating up. This is dangerous to our survival because it is reducing our ability to grow foods and destroying wildlife. Global warming is also causing seawater to swell up as well.

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