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Research Skills Essay

  • Submitted by: learntocounsel
  • on November 19, 2013
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According to Carl Rogers “ therapy is not a matter of doing something to the individual….it is instead a matter of freeing him for normal growth and development, of removing obstacles so that he again can move forward” (O’Farrell; 2006).

With this is mind I am aware as a trainee counselor that there are many different styles, approaches and theories of counseling of which I can avail of whilst working with my clients.

It is paramount that I always remember that no two people are the same. We are all unique. Consequently, I need to be constantly open to change in order to “gain a wider perspective” (Classnotes October 2013). Hence it is necessary for me to continually assess my practice against the outcomes and experiences of other therapists and counselors in the field.

It is also necessary for me to continually develop myself both personally and professionally and to develop new approaches and ideas. All of this is extremely important as “there is evidence that therapeutic intervention can do harm as well as good” (Classnotes; October 2013).

As a counselor I believe that it would be detrimental to damage or be the obstacle that hinders the clients growth and development. Hence, I believe it is paramount that I would consistently carry out or conduct research.

In order to conduct my research I have a variety of tools at my disposal, which include questionnaires, focus groups and interviews. For the purpose of this essay I will present a comprehensive analysis of all three methods. I will also provide examples of how and why I would personally use questionnaires, focus groups and interviews.

Questionnaires, focus groups and interviews are all forms of primary research and are carried out after secondary research has begun. By this stage I the researcher would already have in mind a specific topic or question in which I would like to develop. I would have already read all literature etc. ascertain what is already known on the...

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