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Resume Essay

  • Submitted by: quocdang96
  • on November 24, 2012
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1. Write about any personal circumstances and education situations that have affected your ability to achieve academically.
      I want to prove them wrong.
      Constant screaming and broken promises from my dad, sadness and tears from my mom, criticism and judgmental attitudes from my uncle and aunts had become part of my daily life growing up in Vietnam. After years of fighting, my parents both decided to get divorced. Depression is the only word I can use to describe my feeling at the moment he left me and mother. 
      Their divorce was only the first in a long series of obstacles in my life. My mother, younger brother, and I had to move to my grandparents’ house to live with my uncle and aunts. Back then, women have no voice in Vietnam society, and the young had to be subordinate to their elders, no matter what. Having a divorce erased all the social status that my mother once held; my mother’s brother and sisters were those who made the calls in my life, not me or my mother. Everything I did was considered to be either wrong or unnecessary. Along with that, my uncle and aunts often disregarded my efforts or ridiculed me because they thought a girl without a father like me would just be spoiled; that hurt, a lot. It was very hard for me. I wanted them to know that I was not that type. I enrolled in Japanese and English classes; it was good to know more languages, but my uncle and aunts thought it was unnecessary. Japanese was hard. I told myself not to give up and kept going to classes. Along with that, it was a big task to keep up with normal school hours and going to linguistic classes at nights. After all the working hard, I got a scholarship to study in Japan; we also got a letter that said our immigrant processes to the U.S. were approved. I was torn since I tried so hard for the scholarship. 
      Arriving in the States, everything was new to me. I have been learning English in Vietnam for years, but the way people conduct dialogues here were...

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