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Reviving Ophelia Essay

  • Submitted by: arjona
  • on October 28, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Reviving Ophelia

Abusive relationships are not only reserved for married couples. There are plenty of teens caught up in these dangerous situations, and like older women, the teenage girls feel they are somehow responsible for the abuse they suffer at the hands of the men whom they love and who supposedly love them. This phenomenon is common among abused women. They make excuses for the beatings they take and their abusers insist it will never happen again. And yet it does the cycle of violence never end.
Reviving Ophelia, is a never ending drama of cycle abuse since, Mark comes from a home in which his father physically abused his mother. The woman had had enough and left when Mark was a young boy. Mark insists he is nothing like his father but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case, and Mark is caught up in the same behavior that he saw while growing up with his parents.
In the case of Elizabeth she thinks she has found the perfect boyfriend in Mark and she wants to spend all her time with him.   Kelli, her cousin thinks that there is something wrong in that relationship and keeps her eyes open to the unrealistic idea of her cousins to spend all her time with Mark.   Finally, when Elizabeth ends up in the hospital after a “car accident,” Kelli begins to put the pieces together. But Elizabeth insists nothing happened other than she hit her face on the dashboard when the car stopped abruptly.
Nevertheless, for Elizabeth having a boyfriend is the greatest thing in the world and she overlooks the controlling aspects. She thinks that that is all part of love.   High school is a time of experimenting with social behavior, relationships, and learning about oneself.
The show comes to a dramatic moment that will scare any young person or older person, for that matter who is concerned about their relationship.   Reviving Ophelia is definitely a show all teens should see with their parents.   There are signs everyone should know about abusive...

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