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Rhetorical Analysis

  • Submitted by: cmurphak
  • on November 17, 2013
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Breast cancer is one of the most widely known cancers among women; about one in eight are diagnosed with it each year. Many women are told by their doctors to get regular mammograms to screen for the deadly disease; these mammograms have been said to be crucial in detecting breast cancer early and in turn, decrease mortality rates and increase numbers of cancer survivors. H. Gilbert Welch, an oncologist from New Hampshire, explains why mammograms are not as commendable as their reputation says in his essay “Cancer Survivor or Victim of Overdiagnosis?” Welch goes into depth on why he believes that universal mammograms are unreasonable and uses all pf the argumentative appeals of rhetoric to help his argument and essay.
Throughout the essay, the appeals of ethos and pathos are relied on. Ethos refers to the trustworthiness and credibility of the writer. When Welch states that he and fellow oncologist Archie Bleyer conducted a study that was published in the renowned New England Journal of Medicine he is clearly using ethos to gain credibility and show his expertise on the issue at hand—mammography and its effect on breast cancer. A reader will be more likely to listen to an expert because he knows what he is talking about and has been educated on the subject. Welch also uses pathos, the use of persuasion through one’s emotions, to propel his argument and gain readers’ support. Breast cancer kills thousands of women and affects millions of lives and this article can easily reach a reader’s heart and remind them of a loved one. Welch uses pathos subtly but it could have a big impact on a reader. A writer can reach the reader’s heart through a delicate topic and then swoop in and explain a possible solution or something that could help. When an author can use pathos effectively and incorporate it in with other strong support, then he can write an effective essay.
Most used in “Cancer Survivor or Victim of Misdiagnosis?” is logos, the use of logic and data to support...

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