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Rhetorical Analysis

  • Submitted by: Averieholder4
  • on November 18, 2013
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Rosenberg, Tina. “Everyone Speaks Text Message.” First-Year Writing: Writing in the Disciplines. Ed. Dean Ward, et al. Boston, MA: Pearson, 2013. 267-271. Print.
Rosenberg uses certain rhetorical choices throughout her article specifically she uses metaphors, expert opinions by appealing to history, statistics, in order to inform the reader about N’Ko as well as keep their attention. Through this she is trying to persuade the reader to spread the N’Ko language and other languages like it and the new technology that supports it.
In paragraph 4 Rosenberg uses a metaphor to suggest that “many tiny, endangered languages” are completely dependent on modern technology to keep them alive. What she is suggesting is that the only way to keep languages like N’Ko alive is through digital technology therefore it is vital for us to make sure this happens.
In paragraph 1 Rosenberg uses a quote   “For a long time, technology was the enemy” stated by Inee Slaughter, an Indigenous Language teacher. Later on in the paragraph he also states   “But now we know ways technology can be helpful” Rosenberg refers to Slaughters expert opinion in order to push her point that technology is now vital in keeping languages alive. She does this in order for her audience to see that experts even see ways that technology can be helpful and how it is helpful when it comes to certain things like N’Ko. She also refers to a professor of linguistics at Swarthmore College; K. David Harrison to show that “Whether a language lives or dies” is up to a young kid. She utilizes this experts opinion in order just to support her point even more that technology is very important to keep this N’Ko language alive.
In paragraph 16 Rosenberg even asserts statistics to prove how N’Ko can be useful with the U.N. calculating that only 39 percent of people in major cities that are actually literate. This statistic shows that people do need to start using the N’Ko language and the one of the ways that is possible is...

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