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Richard Wright Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Always Forgive
In Black Boy, by Richard Wright, I believe Wright forgives his father for abandoning his family because of the history of blacks. Wright’s father left his wife and two children behind for his mistress. Wright at one point felt hatred towards his father because Wright was always starving. He would ask his mother for food and she made him understand when his father wasn’t present there would be no food. Wright’s father didn’t care if they were hungry or not. At one point Wright killed a kitten because his father told him, “Kill that damn thing.” His father didn’t provide anything for them. His father was a bad father figure.
But later on, Wright started to understand why he couldn’t resent his father. Wright visits his father at the plantation and seeing is father toothless and beaten. They did not have benefits and starved every day. Slaves couldn’t eat whenever they wanted nor even rest. They had to work all day and they felt lonely and miserable. They suffered more than what Wright was suffering. Wright felt that he should be grateful for what he had because his father didn’t have nearly as much as he did.   That is the reason why Wright could forgive his father.
He understood that his father wanted to escape from there and seek for a better life which would be the city that is where his father ended in the city but even there it wasn’t better. His father failed in the city as well. Blacks were treated awful. Wright knew that where his father was at life has been the best he has ever been and didn’t want to hate him for what he had accomplished. Even though he could be a better father or have a better life, it’s a huge improvement from where from where slaves were back then.
The main reason Wright forgives his father is because he felt pity for him, he felt sorry that his father wasn’t able to know the meaning of loyalty, sentiment, and tradition. Or even feel joy or despair. Every human bean should be allowed to feel these things but his...

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