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Riding a Roller Coaster and Loving Someone Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Riding a Roller Coaster and Loving Someone
A couple was at the front of the line for the Diamondback, the newest attraction at Kings Island. They couldn’t help the trembling of their hands and knees. Their teeth chattered, their hands were sweating, and their hearts were racing. It was a rush of emotions all at once, but little did they know their adrenaline rush had just begun. Once they were seated, they looked at each other and started babbling over petty situations to calm their nerves. Once the announcer shouted, “All clear,” they knew it was time. The silence between them began. Their journey had started. Their hearts raced as the topped the first hill, and as they went down their stomachs were in their throats. Their emotional ride of ups and downs, twists and turns, and bumps in the road had begun. When the ride drew to an end everyone laughed and smiled. The man of the relationship did as well. After the happiness died down, he couldn’t help but notice that the roller coaster resembled his relationship with his girlfriend. On the man’s first date, his hands and knees were trembling while his head poured sweat. Once his date arrived, they talked over petty situations to break the silence. Their hearts raced through the whole date. At the end when it was time to kiss her, he knew the nerves had only begun. He leaned in for a kiss and his stomach dropped. When the perfect kiss was over he couldn’t help but to smile and laugh because he was on cloud nine. He never realized how two items that seemed so different, could be so alike.
The exhilarating rush felt while going down the long and steep hills of a roller coaster can still be felt even when not on a ride. Love can bring that same feeling. Roller coasters only make the feeling last for a second or two, but love can make the butterflies last for years. Riding a rollercoaster and being in love can bring fear, sickness, and excitement. One great characteristic they both have is once the right one is...

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