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Riordan Manufacturing Essay

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The information provided in this paper will help Riordan Manufacturing in creating a formal system for managing customer information, which will require employees to use a new customer management system. The first part of the paper will require reviewing the intranet site of the company and checking information in various sections of the company. This will help in creating a change in the customer management plan that will include several important aspects including recommendation of a strategy to implement changes over the next year, and a description of the evaluation procedures after the change plan is implemented. The second part of the paper will refer to a communication plan for the proposed change, which will also cover various sections.
The current formal power structure in Riordan Manufacturing is a chain of command. Robbins and Judge (2011) define chain of command as “the unbroken line of authority that extends from the top of the organization to the lowest echelon and clarifies who reports to whom” (pg. 491). The informal power structure in Riordan Manufacturing is a team-oriented working environment. Because of the formal power structure in Riordan Manufacturing, employees will behave in a structured manner.
The most appropriate and effective organizational structure for Riordan Manufacturing to help accomplish their goals would be self-directed teams. According to Riordan Manufacturing’s intranet site, their goal is to become a desired manufacturer to work for and to continue to operate as a high performance team, and have fun winning together (Riordan Manufacturing employee intranet site, 2012). Self-directed teams would allow employees to believe they are empoweredto use their knowledge to work toward the company’s goals. This would be a large change from the structured organization structure they have at the present time.
The potential effects of self-directed teams will have on employee behavior could be positive. The employees will have a...

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