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Rite Passage Essay

  • Submitted by: seham91
  • on October 27, 2010
  • Category: English
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The mother of the birthday boy reveals what’s happening at her son’s party. She is a respectful parent, knowing when and when not to interfere as seen when she saw the exchange between two party goers, “I could beat you/up, a seven says to a six,” (12-13), determining that it was nothing more than boys trying to prove that they tough, and that they were no longer toddlers. Despite her wisdom, she is sarcastic when describing the children at the party, comparing them to adults. She shows this from early on in the poem, “short men, men in the first grade/with smooth jaws and chins” (3-4); highlighting the fact their faces are smooth yet contradicting it with the fact that they are men. Later on, she describes their like grown up male professions. “They clear their/throats a lot, a room full of small bankers, /they fold their arms and frown.”(10-12) With this image, she immediately removes the reader from the setting of the party, and instead to a stuffy room of a board meeting full of balding, middle aged men, and just as quickly as she reminds you that it is a young boy’s party in the next line by identifying to arguing boys with their age, “a seven says to a six” (13). This is also observed in the last lines of the poem, “they clear their throats/like Generals, they relax and get down to/playing war, celebrating my son's life” (24-26) where she explains very aggressive male behavior instead of the young boys they are.

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