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Rocky Statue Should Not Be Near the Museum Essay

  • Submitted by: eburla
  • on November 17, 2013
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What is art? According to an exemplified definition, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as a painting or a sculpture. Such art is commonly found in museums, where it is well kept and observed. Now, I would like to bring forth a possible decision, the decision about the permanent removal of a statue outside of the Philadelphia Art Museum. The Rocky statue isn’t a work of art, or “an expression or application of human creative skill”, but merely a movie prop. Therefore the placement of the statue at the Philadelphia Art Museum isn’t the most appropriate location.
The Rocky statue shouldn’t be near the museum. Although it is a statue, it is not considered an aspect art, because it holds more of a popular movie prop background than history.   A museum holds art that is meaningful, expensive, rare, popular, and objects that are to be admired and observed. It also holds as some sort of an area of attraction, where people dwell to admire and eat in more knowledge. For those who plan to stop by Pennsylvania’s Art Museum, the Rocky statue is the primary object in their view and will probably be an inspiration, while it is a distraction away from the museum. The Rocky statue isn’t much of an “art show”, but more a statue of a favored movie hero. It is not even something creatively made, for it is only a bronze statue of a man in his boxing outfit. Art is considered imaginative and creative. The statue should clearly be transferred to a more appropriate location. Although the statue is placed in honor of Rocky’s dedication and hard work to reach a certain goal and symbolizes his strength and endurance, that type of appreciation reflected towards Rocky should be displayed somewhere with an appropriate setting such as a football stadium, not a national building. The statue would be more appropriate in a sport area or around a sport stadium, since athletes train hard before a game and are dedicated to...

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