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Role Modelling Essay

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Nursing Theory Modeling-Role Modeling
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Nursing Theory Modeling-Role Modeling

The roles of nurses include clinical practices of nursing, consultations; follow up treatments, educating patients and prevention of illness. These roles have improved the accessibility of health care ser vices and reduced the outbreak of chronic diseases. As a result, the cost effectiveness has been increased and the experiences of the customers of healthcare services have been enhanced. On one hand, the promotion of health can lead to a large number of positive health outcomes, including knowledge of patient about their illness, adherence, good quality of life and self management. On the other hand, due to the broader field of health promotion, a great deal of research is required to evaluate the role of promotion of health in nursing (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. , 2012).

In conclusion, it can be said that this paper revealed that nursing professionals are required to have knowledge of community oriented health promotions. These professionals are expected to make use of health surveillance tactics to work in collaborative manner with other healthcare professionals, groups and communities. Moreover, they should respect and have interaction with various cultures. Moreover, a health promotion orientation leads to the ability of nurses to work ore closely with community members for instance their involvement involuntary works and implementation of preventive and protective health measures.


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