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Roman Architecture Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Annotated Bibliography

Roman architecture. (2011, March 2). Architecture. Retrieved March 2, 2011, from cnes.cla.umn.edu/courses/archaeology/documents/WK10-Brown.pdf

Roman Architecture

Author: Frank E. Brown

Source: college art journal

Published by: College Art Association


In this book by Frank Browns explain the history of the roman architecture, how was consolidated and what are the main characteristics of its architecture. Also it explains why the roman architecture is similar to other architectures.

Roman Architecture - Frank B. Sear - Google Libros. (n.d.). Google Books. Retrieved November 24, 2012, from http://books.google.com.mx/books

Roman Architecture

Author: Frank Sear

Source: book

Publisher: Cornell University Press


In this book Frank Sear traces the evolution of architecture during the four centuries from the late republic. In his book he analyzes the roman constructions techniques and why there are unique, how their engineering skills work.

Rivoira (1972) Roman architecture and its principles of construction under the Empire: With an appendix on the evolution of the dome up to the XVIIth century. (n.d.). getCITED: Academic research, citation reports and discussion lists . Retrieved November 24, 2012, from http://www.getcited.org/pub/101907108

Roman architecture and its principles of construction

Author: Rivoira, Giovanni Teresio

Source: Book

Published by: Hacker Books (New York)


The book of Giovanni Teresio analyzes the different types of constructions methods of the roman architecture. The different types of materials and forms they use, like the arches. This book also explains how the roman architecture is related with their culture and beliefs.

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