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Romeo and Juliet Essay

  • Submitted by: Jordan222
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Jordan Thomson
Mrs. Bushnell
English1 H
11 March 2012
Who carried around swords in the Renaissance
One wonders if all people during the Renaissance carried around swords just in case they needed them.   In the book, Romeo and Juliet, many people are getting in sword fights.   Many characters in Romeo and Juliet are getting into arguments and just pull out swords and start fighting.   Just as Romeo and Tybalt got into a fight and pulled out swords on the spot and started fighting.
It was believed that the Renaissance arose in the fourteenth century Italy, as Europe was slowly emerging from the middle ages (smith). Smith also said that numerous conditions combined to spark the Renaissance.   It was also known as the time of rebirth and action because new developments began to take place in most areas of culture and society (when).
During the Renaissance, they had cut-and-thrust swords, rapiers, and battle-ready swords (Renaissance swords). The Rapiers had a unique blade called a “waved-blade” and they were long and originated from Spain (Renaissance swords). During the 14th century, some swords weighed 40 pounds (what did).   These swords were very heavy.
Swords were as heavy as 40 pounds during the Renaissance (Renaissance swords).   Since swords were as heavy as 40 pounds during the 14th century and didn’t get any lighter until the 16th century, only some people walked around with swords.   A lot of people did carry around swords though just in case they would ever need them.
Now one can know that not everyone carried around swords during the renaissance. The swords were too heavy for everyone to carry around swords.   Swords were a nice thing to carry around with you though during the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a different time than now. You would have been safe walking around with a sword.

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