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Ronald Reagan Essay

  • Submitted by: melkes
  • on October 31, 2010
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Melissa Kessler
Rubin-Toles Per. 1

      In order to make progress and better unite the Republican Party in the 21st century, it is most beneficial to acknowledge Ronald Reagan’s speech, “Remarks at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evengelicals.” America must acknowledge the effectiveness of Reagan’s blunt words as he touched the entire political world on March 8, 1983, in order to successfully produce the same powerful results. The speech was given during a period when America was becoming more fearful of the increasing power of the Soviet Union, so Reagan’s identification of a potential problem helped him to start solving it. He had arrived at the conclusion that the nation refused to accept and was unable to understand the Soviet Union’s “totalitarian powers for what they [were]” (6), and sought to change this forever. This “Evil Empire Speech” was one of the most influential and unifying movements in history, and by paying close attention to Reagan’s strategies, the Republican Party can achieve the same unification again today. Reagan creates a trustworthy relationship with his audience by conveying his concerns about their extensive religious beliefs, but by also instilling fear in them with cautionary warnings of America’s moral decay, he is able to achieve a reliable support system within the Evangelicals for his defense policies.
      Reagan jumped at the opportunity to target America’s openness to finding a solution, and by speaking directly to the interests of his religious audience he successfully gained their assurance. He communicates what appears to be the belief that conservative values are essential in maintaining democracy in America, but recognizes that “only through your work and prayers” (2) will it be accomplished. His first attempts clearly make the audience feel important and needed. Reagan says the ideals that brought America to where it is today stem from “a commitment to freedom and personal liberty,” (2) but...

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