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Saints And Roughnecks Essay

  • Submitted by: erikalynn91
  • on November 16, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Saints and the Roughnecks

“The Saints and the Rougnecks” is a story everyone can relate to.   With all the cliques and

favoritism shown, it is easy to see the point of view from one group or the other. While each group's

deliquency is quite the same, the Saints get much better treatment from their teachers, community, and

police than the Roughnecks do. The Labeling Theory explains the situations and societal reactions to

these two groups very well.   The theory states that labeling becomes a major part of self-concept and

that people tend to focus way to much on labels rather than a person themselves.

The Saints were a group of eight “good” white upper-middle class guys.   They all made good

grades and participated in several school activites and sports.   Each of them were well-dressed, well-

mannered, and drove nice cares. They made it very unapparent to everyone of how much trouble they

actually got into.   This group of guys participated in truancy, drinking, wild driving, petty theft,

cheating in school and vandalism almost daily.   They would lie to their teachers and make excuses to

get of class as early as they could every day and performing horrible pranks was their favorite activity.  

The Saints were really smart about how they went about engaging in such wild behavior; they made

“legitimate” excuses to miss class and went out of town to conspire   their pranks.   According to the

Labeling Theory, deviance isn't deviant unless specified by society.   Although the Saints seemed very

rebellious, they were labeled as leaders of the youth in their community and since they were lead to

believe they were such good guys, they thought highly of themselves and continuously committed

these deviant acts without consequences.

On the other hand, the Roughnecks were a group of six guys who lived on the opposite side of

town that weren't as well-off, well-dressed, or well-mannered and none of them...

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