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Same-Sex Marriage Essay

  • Submitted by: ambuha
  • on November 5, 2010
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Same-Sex Marriage

There is a long history of various same-sex marriages from un sanctioned relationships to ritualized unions.   It is believed that same-sex marriages are commonly accepted in ancient Greece and ancient Rome.   This all changed when Christianity become the predominate religion.   There was a law passed in 342 AD which outlawed same-sex marriages.
Although currently state-recognized civil unions are becoming more common there are several places in which they haven’t been legalized. Anna Quindlen and Andrew Sullivan both have concerns that same-sex marriage won’t be legalized.   The Right’s Contempt for Gay Lives by Andrew Sullivan expresses a concern that the gay lifestyle discourages people from same-sex marriage. “Do you think that straight men would be more or less socially responsible without the institution of civil marriage?” (Sullivan, 262) What Sullivan means to say is, could heterosexuals commit if roles were reverse? In The Loving Decision by Anna Quindlen, Quindlen expresses a concern that one day homosexuals may not get the luxury of a civil marriage as interracial couples did after Loving v. Virginia:
Of course if the issue in Loving had been put to the people, there is no doubt
that many would have been delighted to make racial intermarriage a crime.   That’s
why God invented courts.   The world only spins forward. (Quindlen,259)   “I think the day   will come when the lesbian and gay community will have its own Loving v. Virginia,” says David Buckel, the Marriage Project director for Lambda Legal. (qtd in Quindlen,   259)
Quindlen and Sullivan share a common thesis of marriage equality. This is evident when Quindlen writes, “But the Supreme Court, which eventually heard the case, passed over the Almighty for the Constitution, which lucky has an equal-protection clause.” (Quindlen, 258). Which more less means she is glad there is an equal-protection clause to help out those who seem to have their rights stripped from...

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