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Samuel Essay

  • Submitted by: kingsdog
  • on November 18, 2013
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Sources of Accessibility
Familiarity is a concept in which the business needs to be aware of in aspect of growing the product to its fullest potential. In doing so, the business engineers can document what is needed to approaching the kind of effort that needs to be done. If a product is being used by an engineer, the familiarity should be documented.
Being able to brainstorm and coming up with different kinds of opinions in one place can be helpful. The answers can be found in a one stop shop instead of finding a different source from different people in different places. It can become very wasteful and costs lots of money. I can relate to this situation when having a meeting with many engineers in one room. Someone brought up, “Hey, how much money is being paid in this room alone?” Everyone looked at each other and agreed that we should be working together instead of apart.
Being accurate with the information can be a major factor of accessibility. Agreeing that the detail is correct in every way with many eyes upon the information can make it necessary to move forward in an accelerated fashion. A business can also save money in doing so.
Being able to “time save” can be faster than looking at a manual for specific information. Looking at all the facts on sources of information can be faster in a group as well. Being handed a piece of documentation is more efficient as well; pointing out the major hurdles.
Presentation in a conference setting can be helpful if the individuals are the stakeholders and important people involved in the project. Explaining the correct information in laymen’s terms can be all the wise. Questions may be asked at the end of the presentation, but, instead of having to explain in technical terms, they can be easily answered in a down to earth manner.
It is better to have a meeting location close to a project or worksite because information can be easily obtained if a user wanted to walk over to check something out. If...

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