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Sattelites Essay

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Satellites Felicia Marshall University of Canada West

Satellites are the lifeline to all mass media communication outlets. Before satellite technology the method of telecommunication transmission was the overland telegraph cable, followed by submarine and overland telephone cables. Although these improvements in communication were well received, “they were no more than an extension of existing technology and can be described as single route transmission links, capable of linking together two points on the earth’s surface.” (unesco,1963) The addition of the satellite has changed all the rules in mass communication allowing borders to be crossed and many users to be simultaneously linked. Satellite communication is said to be the “outgrowth of developments in two main areas: space technology and communications technology” (unesco,1963) In 1957 the USSR launched the first satellite into space”Sputnik1” Before Sputnik there seems to be a general consensus that the birth of the satellite grew from a prophetic article written in 1945 by Arthur C. Clarke entitled “extraterrestrial relays.” In his article he said that his theory may be too farfetched to be taken seriously, but the solution he proposed was the idea of “combining rocketry and microwave engineering to provide artificial satellites in stationary orbits around the earth serving as relays for transmissions from earth” (unesco,1963) It was some time before Clarkes theory came to be recognized and 12 years later was the launch of Sputnik1, but the extent of

the possibilities wasn’t really realized until the United States launched their sophisticated satellite “Echo1” launched in 1960 it was used for telephony, facsimile, and data. Since “Echo1” the communication satellite has been somewhat perfected with thousands of satellites orbiting earth now. With this being a worldwide endeavour and all countries having equal opportunity, there had to be something implemented to ensure equal opportunity and an overall...

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