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Saving Francesca Response Essay

  • Submitted by: lizy9178
  • on November 15, 2010
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Saving Francesca Response

Saving Francesca is a novel about love, family, friends, and finding identity. It is a story about change and how when you know yourself act on your beliefs and simply don’t give in to peer pressure. That is when life starts to make sense   Francesca Spinelli attends St. Sebastian's which has been a boys-only school but now pretends to be coed by adding a girl's bathroom and thirty girl students - as opposed to about seven hundred and fifty boys. The girls in this school are none of Francesca's friends from her previous school; only super-opinionated Tara Finke, slutty Siobhan Sullivan, and geeky Justine Kalinsky from St. Stella's went to St. Sebastian's. Francesca would much rather be with all of her friends at Pius, but when she sees them now, they don't even seem to miss her.

Mia doesn't get up in the morning. There's no advice. No plans for Francesca making new friends at school. No agenda other than getting through the day, for the first time all year. And it continues. Mia is in bed, not talking. Crying. Not eating. She's no longer full of life; now she spends the days in her nightgown. At first, relatives tell Francesca that her mother's "a bit down." Later, though, Francesca knows Mia isn't "a bit" anything. Mia was never "a bit"; she was always so much. Too much, sometimes. Mia was the one who told Francesca who she was, the one who made her what she is. Now Francesca is lost. Everything was about Mia, dramatic, lively Mia. Now, everything is still about Mia, but Mia isn't "a bit down" now. She's got acute depression, and no one knows how to fix it and make life for the Spinelli family get back to normal.

At her old school her friends dictated who she should be, what she should wear, who she should hang out with. Basically everything down to her taste in music. This   means Francesca hasn’t really developed an identity of her own. So when she moved schools to St. Sebastian’s leaving all her so called friends behind and...

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